Dubai Visa
Dubai Visa

Visa Medical Test for Dubai, UAE

As many as would like to have a Job in Dubai are expected to get their visa medical test done. This refers to a set of tests and medical exams, which is a criterion for qualifying for a visa to the UAE's beautiful city of Dubai.

What tests are done for a visa medical to Dubai?

  • A review of your present and past health history
  • HIV test
  • Liver function test
  • Test for Hepatitis B and C
  • Test for syphilis
  • Blood test to check for pregnancy (in the case of women)

In 2 days' time following the tests and exam, your result will be ready and available to you.

Where do I go from Visa medical test for Dubai, UAE?

Kindly come with your passport and a correct-sized passport photo so we can ascertain it is you and have vital forms filled out.

FAQs - Visa medical test for Dubai, UAE 2022

In 2 days, your visa medical results will be issued to you.

For a Dubai visa, you won't have to get a chest x-ray. Only blood tests and a general exam are needed.

Men will get to pay a comprehensive cost of £449, while women will pay £495 for the medical examination.

How to get in touch with our Clinic for Dubai Visa medical test

Visit GP London to see a doctor for your visa medicals for Dubai. You can also contact us at 020 7043 4317 to book an appointment for your visa medicals.

And do not hesitate to call us right away if your travel is around the corner. We will make it work just like we have helped hundreds of others.

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