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Saudi Arabia

Visa Medical Test for Saudi Arbia

Need to vacation or run a business in the prestigious largest country in Western Asia - Saudi Arabia? Then you can't do without taking tests and a medical checkup for Visa. These will form part of your scrutiny to get a visa for passage into the country. And you need not fret about how to get this because Private GP London will provide you with a detailed medical report the embassy needs to approve your visa.

You should trust us for this. And the reason is for decades, we have been working on Saudi Arabia Visa medicals and know how to get your visa approved with the right comprehensive medical examination report.

Your Saudi Arabia Visa medical Tests

Wondering what you will be tested for? We will tell you.

So, your test will cover:

  • Medical screening
  • Urinalysis

Blood tests will also be performed for your medical screening for a visa to Saudi Arabia. This will check for:

  • Bilharzia
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Liver function
  • Pregnancy (in the case of women)
  • Syphilis - VRDL (to check for syphilis)

Going forward, what happens?

So, as you bear the above in mind and prepare to visit our clinic for the medical exams and testing, come with your passport and photo for a passport. We need these to fulfil the demands of the embassy.

FAQs - Visa Medical Test for Saudi Arbia

Sure. Our nurse or lab technicians will draw a sample of your blood to check for the diseases that may prevent you from acquiring your visa.

Sure, and that will be required to analyse your urine.

No. You will also undergo a chest x-ray. Just like your other screening, we will have this done on you as well.

Though the opening price is £495, what you require plus your medical forms will determine what you will pay for medical examination and tests.

How to get in touch with us

Visit Private GP London to see a doctor for your visa medicals tests for Saudi Arbia. You can also contact us at 020 70434317 to book an appointment for your Saudi Arbia visa medicals.

And do not hesitate to call us right away if your travel is around the corner. We will make it work just like we have helped hundreds of others.

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