South Africa Visa Medical
South Africa Visa Medical

Visa Medical Test for South Africa

Need to be away in South Africa? Of course, you'll need a visa medical test report, and that means you need some medical tests that qualify you for the visa.

And our clinic – GP London, provides all the tests you need. Your results will be ready in few days.

Your South Africa Visa Medical screening covers:

  • The regular medical checks
  • Screening for infection
  • Chest x-ray
  • Screening for STIs

N/B: Don't forget to come along with your real passport. Our medical experts need to see it.

FAQs - South Africa Visa Medical Tests

Our medical finesse is top-notch, and our experience is broad. We are unparalleled when it comes to medical visa testing throughout London.

Eye and ear tests plus the regular medical screening to check if your health is in tip-top condition will make up the medical examination for your visa eligibility to South Africa.

A chest x-ray will need to be perfomed. And just like your other medical screening, we will have this done on you as well. So, you can trust us as we know your exact medical requirements.

Though the opening price is £445, what you require plus your medical forms will determine what you will pay for medical examination and tests.

How to get in touch with us

Visit GP London to see a doctor for your South Africa visa medical tests. You can also contact us at 020 70434317 to book an appointment for your South Africa visa medicals.

And do not hesitate to call us right away if your travel is around the corner. We will make it work just like we have helped hundreds of others.

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