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Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic in London

At GP London, we offer comprehensive health advice and travel vaccination to ensure your safety during your trip. Our expert travel clinic practitioners provide up-to-date information on travel healthcare and vaccination at a time that suits your schedule.

We provide walk-in travel medical services in London, and you don’t need to book an appointment for our services. However, we cannot predict the waiting time on Saturdays and during busy periods. You can visit our walk-in clinic from Mondays – Fridays because the waiting times are less on weekdays.

Travel Clinic in London

What travel vaccines do I need?

If you are travelling to South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, Bali and other countries, we can provide you with the required vaccine. Our travel vaccinations are available for any country in World.

To know the vaccine you need for your trip, you need to consult our doctors. Common travel vaccines include rabies, but we also provide hard-to-get vaccines such as Japanese Encephalitis and Hepatitis A.

What travel vaccines do I need?
Why choose our travel clinic in the London

Why choose our travel clinic in the London

  • We are a reputable walk-in travel clinic, and you don’t need to book an appointment
  • Our private GPs offer patients advice
  • We offer free consultations, allowing you to discuss all your health concerns with a medical expert
  • We provide a wide range of vaccines, such as Hepatitis, Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies
  • We offer the flu vaccine at our clinic
  • Our practitioners will provide you with a guidebook, travel goods and other travel essentials
  • We dispense anti-malaria prophylaxis to prevent malaria

What to expect at Travel Health Clinic London

We suggest scheduling an appointment with our medical practitioner, who specialises in travel vaccines, to get health advice. You can discuss your travel vaccine needs via phone. Our expert travel health adviser will discuss your trip and recommend a comprehensive travel health risk assessment during your initial appointment. This assessment will include understanding your existing medical conditions and current medications.

Following your assessment, you will receive the necessary vaccinations or malaria tablets for the trip. We will also discuss the appropriate schedule for your vaccination course and plan vaccination to allow you to get all doses before travelling.

If you need malaria tablets, we will dispense the right cone from the clinic during your appointment. We will also inform you of other essential travel health items you need, such as mosquito nets, water purifiers, insect repellents, and sterile medical kits.

You can have both a pre-booked and walk-in appointment at GP London, but you can discuss your travel health requirement with the specialist at our travel clinic. Call us today with your travel medical needs, and we will happily meet your needs.

If you need a pneumococcal or shingles vaccine, you will pay for it when you book your appointment to allow us to order the vaccine before the appointment.

Travel Clinic Services for Travel groups and corporate travel companies

If you have an employee who needs to travel often to destinations with an increased risk of infections or diseases, we recommend contacting GP London to discuss the necessary vaccination and medications for your staff.

Our Travel Clinic Medical Services in London

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You can call 020 7043 4317 to book an appointment at GP London Clinic for your travel vaccine and other essential medical care before your trip. Visit us today at Suite 4, 117A Harley Street London, W1G 6AT, for walk-in private travel healthcare and vaccination.

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