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Sexual health screening

Private and confidential sexual health screening in Kensington

GP London is a leading private sexual health clinic in Kensington. We provide completely confidential sexual health screening services, which include testing, advice and treatment for STDs and STIs.

We understand that STD screening isn’t the most pleasant experience, and you may feel ashamed or reluctant to see a doctor or visit a clinic. Whilst home testing kits are convenient, they come at the expense of proper care, accurate testing and appropriate treatment. At GP London however, we do everything in our power to help patients access the best standard of care possible.

You can visit us without making an appointment, using a pseudonym and paying in cash for total anonymity. We never share your  name, your results, whether you’ve attended the clinic or whether you’ve had any treatment with any party, ever.

Confidential, sensitive and honest discussions with our doctor and a detailed examination help our patients to find the most suitable treatment without embarrassment or judgement.

Sexual health screening in Camden

Our diligent and expert private doctors and friendly nursing staff offer discreet and professional services, with testing conducted in a state-of-the-art laboratory facility. We carry out PCR testing, with samples reaching the laboratory within an hour, ensuring sample quality and therefore reliable and accurate results. 

Our doctors are knowledgeable and highly experienced and can recommend the appropriate sexual health screening for your budget and situation.

If you reside in Kensington or visiting the area, you can book a same-day appointment with our GP or walk in for an emergency appointment.

Choose a suitable STD package

Our detailed sexual health screening packages check for all sexually transmitted diseases. The packages include an initial consultation with our sexual health experts, an examination and testing. You will also have a consultation with your doctor when your results are available and a prescription for treatment is included. If you require a procedure, such as an antibiotic injection or removal of lesions, this can also be arranged.

Our STD screening package includes Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and HIV as standard. Additional testing and swabs, such as throat/rectal swabs or cervical smears. may necessary depending on the clinical indication. Your doctor will discuss all recommended tests prior to sample collection.

STD testing package

Our STD screening services include:

  • Chlamydia testing
  • HPV testing
  • Hepatitis testing
  • Syphilis testing
  • Gonorrhoea testing
  • Trichomoniasis testing
  • HIV testing

Our private doctors assist with the following.

  • Accurate screening and treatment for STIs
  • Treatment, testing and advice for people with sexually transmitted infections
  • Testing for Ureaplasma, Trichomonas, Gardnerella - not screened for with NHS
  • Accurate pregnancy blood testing
  • HIV testing
  • Bacterial vaginosis tests
  • Vaccinations for HPV, HIV and pre-IVF STI testing
  • Proper counselling for sexual health problems to reduce the risks and improve relationships
Our STD screening services

Why choose us?

  • Confidential and complete discretion – we will not share your results with anyone
  • Same-day walk-in services for emergency testing
  • Accredited testing and fast serology results within 24 hours
  • Open on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm
  • Reliable and accurate PCR lab testing only
  • Treatment options, prescriptions and guidance for people with a positive result
  • Online booking and walk-in appointments
  • Male and female HPV testing for higher-risk subtypes
  • Early STD screening with HIV, from 10 days after contact
  • Specialist treatment for diagnosed infections
  • Easy testing with our friendly doctors
  • HIV testing within 24 hours
  • Fast screening with swabs and testing facilities
  • If you have questions, our knowledgeable and friendly doctors are happy to answer them. You can call us at any time for support

If you need a private sexual health clinic in Kensington for your STI screening and STD testing, call GP London on 020 70434317.

Can GPs conduct sexual health checks?

Can GPs conduct sexual health checks?

If you have a sexually transmitted infection or STI, visit your local sexual health clinic or GP. Most sexually transmitted infections are easily treatable, but you need to check for their symptoms and test for them.

What is sexual health screening?

Sexual health screening is routine testing that helps you keep control of your sexual health. If you have unsafe sex or are sexually active, a sexual health screening is vital.

What is a sexual health clinic?

A sexual health clinic specialises in treating and preventing sexually transmitted infections and diseases. If you have an STI, visit our clinic for testing and early treatment.

What is a sexual health check-up?

A sexual health check involves checking blood pressure, weight and weight and a physical exam. During this check-up, the doctor will check your genital area, provide the HPV vaccine, test for sexually transmitted infections and perform a pelvic examination.

Why is your sexual health important?

Your sexual health is an important aspect of your emotional and physical health that allows you to enjoy your sexuality. With the right access to care and sexual health information, you can avoid STDs and unplanned pregnancies while getting care when necessary.  

What is a sexual health check-up?
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