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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions


Self-Request Blood Tests

When attending for a self-request blood test, not under the supervision or instruction of a clinician practicing at Medical Express Clinic, the results of the blood test that you request will not be reviewed by our doctor for any abnormalities. Please note that our doctors are not responsible for providing a clinical diagnosis, and cannot comment on your wider health in general or the suitability of the test you have selected unless you have undergone a consultation at Medical Express Clinic.

If you have any concerns at all, it is highly recommended that you undergo a consultation with a clinician registered to practice medicine in the United Kingdom.

Private Blood Tests London accepts no responsibility or liability for patients electing to undergo blood tests on a self-referral basis without first seeking the advice of a registered medical practitioner.

This service is not designed to replace a diagnostic medical consultation, if you are suffering from health problems you MUST see a clinician.

Please note that this testing service is not designed for clinically urgent cases as blood samples are referred to an external laboratory for analysis. Turnaround times listed on the website should be treated as a guideline to when patients should expect to receive results. Clinically urgent blood tests should only be ordered under the care of a registered medical practitioner, not on a self-request basis.

Our Staff

All are staff are:

Confidentiality of Information

Equal Opportunities



Making a Complaint and Giving Compliments

Respect For Other Service Users And Staff

Medical Express Clinic reserves the right to refuse service to any patient abusing the conditions of the service or behaving in a threatening, intimidating or abusive way.

Any patient abusing other Service Users, Clinic Staff or Clinic facilities will be asked to leave and barred from future use of the service. Future appointments will be cancelled and medical files will be destroyed without further reference.

Payment Arrangements

£150 GP Appointments

Medical Express Clinic is offering a promotion of £150 GP appointments strictly on a pre-booked basis. Appointments are to be paid for in full prior to attendance via our online booking platform.

All pre-booked appointments are subject to our 24 hour cancellation policy as outlined in the ‘Payment Arrangements’ section of our Terms and Conditions.

£150 GP appointments are limited to 20 minutes. Prescriptions, blood tests and further investigations are chargeable at our standard rates, please see our ‘Fees’ page or contact the clinic for further information.

Medical Express Clinic reserves the right to amend, remove or exclude patients from the terms of this promotion in the event of abuse of the service or the staff.

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