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Pregnancy serum quantitative test
Pregnancy serum quantitative test

Private Pregnancy Blood Test London

Two pregnancy tests are available – one pregnancy requires a blood sample, while the second test requires a urine sample. Both tests detect the human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG hormone. This hormone is only produced when a woman is pregnant.

The placenta produces the HCG hormone after fertilisation (attachment of the embryo to the uterine wall). The hormone builds up fast in the body within the first couple of days of pregnancy. The rapid HCG increase causes pregnancy symptoms.

GP London Clinic carries out pregnancy tests, and we can offer you any of these tests. We offer different tests, including pregnancy tests. You can book an appointment with GP London to get a pregnancy Serum Quantitative test and determine if you are pregnant.

Private Pregnancy Blood Test London

Urine pregnancy test

The urine pregnancy test is available in two ways – you can carry out the test at home or visit a clinic. You collect the urine in a cup, dip the test stick in it, or put the urine in a special cup using an eyedropper. Another method is putting the stick into your urine stream, which requires your midstream urine.

How fast you will get the result will depend on the test, but you would be looking for a line or symptom such as minus (-) or plus (+).

A new digital home pregnancy test is available, which makes reading and interpreting your pregnancy result simple. The test displays pregnant or not pregnant.

Urine pregnancy test
When can I undergo a urine pregnancy test

When can I undergo a urine pregnancy test?

Most healthcare providers advise waiting until you've missed your period to get a urine test. You can undergo a urine pregnancy test on the first day of your first missed period. This should be around two weeks following conception.

However, you can undergo some tests earlier due to increased sensitivity. You can trust our expert healthcare team at GP London for an accurate pregnancy test regardless of your decision.

How accurate is a urine pregnancy test?

A correctly done pregnancy test is approximately 97% accurate. An advantage of a urine pregnancy test is that you can undergo the test at home. Urine pregnancy tests are easy to use, affordable, give a fast result and aids privacy.

However, a urine pregnancy test may give a false-negative when done too early or incorrectly.

If your urine or home pregnancy test is negative and you still experience pregnancy symptoms such as missed period, nausea, fatigue and breast tenderness, repeat the pregnancy test after one week or contact GP London to get another pregnancy test.

Pregnancy blood test

Two types of pregnancy tests are available for confirming pregnancy –qualitative and quantitative pregnancy blood tests. The quantitative pregnancy blood test measures the exact HCG hormone amount in the blood, and the quantitative test only detects whether or not you are pregnant.

What are the pros of pregnancy blood testing?

  • The pregnancy blood test is more sensitive than testing with a urine sample. It can also detect pregnancy earlier than the urine pregnancy test. A pregnancy blood test can detect pregnancy 7 – 12 days following conception.
  • It measures the amount of the HCG hormone in the blood, which helps track issues during pregnancy
  • The HCG blood test can tell you precisely how long you have been pregnant
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What are the cons of pregnancy blood testing?

  • It costs more than the urine test
  • The sample must be processed in a laboratory
  • Longer turnaround time
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How does pregnancy blood testing work at Private GP London?

  • Step 1 – order a test

You can choose a test from our wide range of blood tests.

  • Step 2 – provide a sample

You will visit our clinic for your blood draw

  • Step 3 – view your result

We will send your result via post or email.

How does pregnancy blood testing work at Private GP London?
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FAQs on pregnancy testing

A positive result will show if the HCG hormone is present in the body. This hormone is produced and multiples when an egg implants in the uterine lining. This is the main sign of pregnancy

A negative pregnancy test may indicate you are not pregnant, but a false negative result may be returned if you carry out the test too early or incorrectly. Pregnancy tests have varying sensitivity, meaning each test's duration to detect HCG hormone differs.

It is important to give your body time to produce sufficient HCG that the home or urine pregnancy test can detect.

Ensure you follow the instructions on the box to get a correct result, and do not let the test sit for long to prevent an inaccurate or invalid result.

The right time to carry out a home test is when you miss your period. Most home pregnancy tests come with two strips, and it is best to use both.

The right time to take a home or urine pregnancy test is when you miss your period, as this is often the first pregnancy sign.

If you are anxious to know if you are pregnant and can't wait that long, you can take the test 14 days after your possible date of conception or visit the clinic for a blood test

If you get different results from your home test, visit the clinic for a blood test to get an accurate result.

After getting a home or urine pregnancy test, you can have a blood test or wait to see if you have your period. You can repeat the urine pregnancy test to check if you will get the same result.

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