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Well Woman Check Up
Well Woman Check Up

Harley Street Well Women's Clinic

GP London offers comprehensive and fast health screening specifically designed for women of all ages. Our clinic for women aims to diagnose health conditions early to promote improved health in women. Our health assessment includes cervical smears, a comprehensive physical exam, including options for a mammogram and tumour markers, a full medical report and extensive and detailed blood testing.

Our well-woman check-up targets conditions that are specific and common in women, especially those with a risk of gynaecological and breast conditions. Our well-woman team focusses on improving women’s well-being and health.

HPV testing for Women in London

Our well-woman check up includes the following:

  • Full Physical Examination, including Breast Examination/Mammogram
  • 12 Lead ECG
  • Urinalysis
  • Gynaecological Consultation, Examination and Ultrasound
  • Extensive Array of Blood Tests including, Full Blood Panel, Thyroid Function, Liver Fuction, Kidney Function, Full Lipids Profile, Diabetes, Bowel Cancer Screening, Hormone Profile and Ovarian Tumour Markers
What happens during HPV testing

Well woman clinic FAQs

Lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, managing stress, regular exercise and check-ups with the gynaecologist are ways to care for your gynaecological health.

Hormone profiling for women helps understand weight loss and gain, acne, tiredness, and hirsutism and aids diagnosis of syndromes such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. It also aids in a better understanding of menopause at later life stages.

In midlife, most women undergo significant hormonal changes, which are similar to changes experienced in puberty. In some women, these symptoms are more severe. Regardless of the symptoms you experience, our gynaecology expert will help you manage them.

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