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Full body MOT health

Full body MOT Check-up in Westminster

At GP London, we offer full body health check-ups to patients in Westminster to improve their health. You can check your overall health condition with our full body MOT check-up. Our packages cover the entire body, including your kidney, heart and liver health, stroke risk, and general health markers, such as glucose, cholesterol, protein, muscle mass, and others for women and men.

The body MOT is an abbreviation for:

  • M- measurement
  • O-observation
  • T-tests

The procedure emphasises different ways to improve health conditions. Our dedicated team of doctors can offer you valuable advice and complete support for lifestyle changes, fitness and a well-balanced diet. We also offer confidential advice during MOT health check-ups at the clinic.

We design all MOTs and evaluate them regularly to meet the highest standards and offer you great value for your money. If the MOT packages do not cover your needs, you can contact us to get a customised health screening.

Cost of full body MOT health check in Westminster

Age Cost
Men under 40s £595
Men over 40s £795
Women under 40s £595
Women over 40s £795

Full body health for your needs check.

Our health MOTs give patients the service that helps improve their health. We provide patients with the right screening methods for common diseases. This helps our patients to avoid diseases and get the necessary treatments for better health conditions before complications arise.

We can provide you with a suitable package depending on your needs and concerns to ensure you get a good result.

If you need our full body MOT health check Westminster, visit our clinic for a walk-in appointment or call 020 7043 4317 to book a same-day appointment with our experienced doctor.

Full body health for your needs check

Frequently asked questions

A full body MOT also called a health assessment or check-up, are the examinations and tests that provide an overview of your current health conditions and how well the body functions. You can have a health assessment for a specific health issue or improve your well-being. Trained doctors and specialists perform this assessment at our clinic.

At GP London, we are committed to providing a wide range of healthcare services at competitive rates. Our health body MOT packages start at £295 to £1499. Each package has tests to check different aspects of your health.

The doctor will prepare a detailed medical report which informs you of your present health condition and recommends lifestyle changes that can minimise your risk of further illnesses and improve your overall health condition.

A full body exam involves checking the entire body. A doctor performs this exam, and it includes the basic body systems such as the heart, lungs, gastrointestinal and nervous systems.

A full body MOT helps determine if you have health issues that you are unaware of and may need immediate attention. At GP London, our doctors will handle your health concerns to ensure peace of mind.

Health MOT is suitable for people who want a general health check-up. If you have a particular health condition, we recommend seeking advice from your medical practitioner. A full-body MOT is recommended for people above 18 because younger people do not need the tests due to their developing bodies and the age factor.

Our medical professionals at GP London have several years of experience offering medical care. We offer valuable services to our patients, personalised to suit their specific needs. We prioritise your health and will handle your concerns immediately.

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