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Health body MOT

Private Health body MOT Chelsea

At our GP Clinic, we provide comprehensive full body health check-ups to patients in Chelsea to help improve their health.

Our packages are carefully designed to screen your entire body for the most common health conditions affecting us today. This includes screening for your; heart, liver and kidneys, risk of stroke, diabetes and cancer. These combine with with general health markers, including protein, carbs, cholesterol, muscle mass and other vital parameters in both men and women to give your doctor a snapshot of your internal health.

The MOT stands for Measurements, Observations and Tests. This combination of procedures provides our patients with the detail required to take actionable steps to enhance their health and well-being and to prevent future health conditions. Our experienced doctors are dedicated to giving you valuable advice and full support to maintain a well-balanced diet, adopt healthy lifestyle changes and achieve optimum fitness levels.

We’re so confident in our health screening service that included with all Advanced and Elite Health Screening packages, are 4 GP appointments across a full calendar year after your health screening. These can be used to check in with the doctor after some lifestyle changes have been made or they can be used for an entirely new issue.

Essentially, it’s a membership to a private clinic where you’ll have access to your own same day private GP for an entire year. Repeat the health screening the following year to track your improvement and maintain your private healthcare access.

Personalised full body health check-up

Heath MOTS at GP London allow patients access to services that improve their health condition. We offer our patients a suitable and convenient option for screening their bodies regularly for diseases, disorders and imbalances.

This prevents complications involved with late diagnosis and helps our patients undertake early interventions to improve their health before more sinister issues potentially occur.

Our medical team design the MOTs and assess them regularly to ensure the highest quality of relevant services for our patients while giving them value for their money. You can contact us for a customised screening solution if you do not find a full-body MOT package for your specific needs.

Personalised full body health check-up

Cost of full body MOT health check in Westminster

Age Cost
Men under 40s £595
Men over 40s £795
Women under 40s £595
Women over 40s £795

Which MOT is right for me?

We offer a range of MOT health screening packages suitable for a wide range of concerns and budgets, with our entry-level assessment suitable for healthy individuals of all ages starting at just £595. Our more comprehensive MOTs include a wider and more detailed look at your body, allowing you more information to make better decisions.

Furthermore, throughout all of 2023 with our ‘Advanced’ and ‘Elite’ level MOTs, you’ll also benefit from 4 free GP appointments across a full calendar year after your health screening. These can be used to check in with the doctor after some lifestyle changes have been made or they can be used for an entirely new issue.

It’s recommended for healthy individuals to undergo screening annually for an ongoing general health overview. The result from the regular screening gives a personalised medical summary outlining recommendations for further action after attending the exam.

Which MOT is right for me?

Sexual health MOT

It’s vital to regularly carry out sexual and general health screening. This package combines basic MOT screening and sexual health screening. We recommend it for sexually active people of all age groups,

If necessary, you will get a personalised medical summary with recommendations and results for further action.

If you need a full body MOT health check Chelsea, visit GP London today for a walk-in appointment or call 020 70434317 to book an appointment.

Sexual health MOT

Frequently asked questions

A health MOT also called a health assessment or check-up, are tests and examinations that give an overview of your current health condition and how your body functions. You can have the assessment for a specific health concern or for improving your overall health condition. Our trained doctors and consultants perform these tests.

At GP London, we aim to provide a wide range of services at competitive rates. Our full-body MOT packages are from £595 - £2499. Each MOT package has some tests needed to determine your health condition.

The doctor will prepare a detailed medical report to inform you of your current health condition and recommend lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of illnesses in the future and improve your overall health.

A full body exam is an assessment of the body done by a doctor. The exam includes your basic body systems like the heart, lungs, nervous system, and gastrointestinal system.

A health MOT allows the diagnosis of health issues you don’t know, which may need immediate attention. At GP London, our doctors will care for you and offer viable treatment options for your peace of mind.

A health MOT is suitable for patients that want to undergo a general health check-up. If you have specific health concerns, visit your medical practitioner for advice. A health MOT is recommended for people above 18, as younger people do not need testing since their body is still developing.

We have a medical professional with several years of experience. Our service offers great value to our patients, and we customise our services to suit their specific needs. Your health is our priority, and we will look into your concerns immediately.

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