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Health screening and health check-ups

Health screening and health check-ups for women and men

GP London is the perfect clinic for you if you’re in need of a complete health check-up in Chelsea to improve your general well-being. We offer affordable health assessments for women and men both below and above 40, including extensive and detailed measurements, diagnostics, tests and observations.

At GP London, our doctor will assess and explain the vast array of biomarkers returned from your medical to screen for common health concerns. All results are discussed with the screening doctor either in person or over the phone for a full explanation and interpretation of their results. This follow up review helps all of our patients fully understand exactly what their results mean and what action can be taken to improve overall wellbeing.

We’re so confident in our health screening service that included with all Advanced and Elite Health Screening packages, are 4 GP appointments across a full calendar year after your health screening. These can be used to check in with the doctor after some lifestyle changes have been made or they can be used for an entirely new issue.

Essentially, it’s a membership to a private clinic where you’ll have access to your own same day private GP for an entire year. Repeat the health screening the following year to track your improvement and maintain your private healthcare access.

The services we offer our patients

Health assessments

We offer private health assessments and medical check-ups, providing you with unlimited time to discuss your health, fully understand your health issues with the doctor, and get valuable and easily implementable lifestyle advice.

Each health assessment means you will spend quality time with an experienced healthcare professional and discuss ways to improve your lifestyle. With our valuable health assessment, we can have complete peace of mind and better understand your overall health.

We will advise you after the consultation and, assess your results, then share recommendations for a lifestyle change. You will also benefit from valuable health-improving advice and how to maintain your overall health.

The services we offer our patients

Private health checks

  • Our private doctor can conduct the necessary medical tests to determine your health condition
  • Health checks will ensure you get a thorough medical record assessment, physical examination and the necessary testing and treatment. You will get a written analysis of your results and advice for health and lifestyle changes.
  • A follow-up appointment is necessary after the medical. If you have any further concerns, we can arrange for further investigations or provide a specialist referral
  • The EU regulation prevents us from conducting chest x-rays, but we can arrange for this, if necessary
  • We can provide you with visa medical and post-travel screening. We also provide pre and post-deployment medicals and work health assessments to meet the industry standard as part of our occupational health services.
Private health checks

We have different medical check-up packages, from the standard to full medical check-ups, including those customised to meet your needs.

Our well-man and well-woman health check are designed to diagnose male and female health issues, including consultation with our experienced GP.

The check will include:

  • Full blood profile
  • Recording body mass index, height, and weight
  • Urine six test

Health screening allows you to know your overall health condition. It also gives greater value by detecting life-threatening diseases, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, before they become severe.

Our nurses and doctors provide full health screening with the necessary advice on improving your overall quality of life and health.

Private health checks

Why choose us?

We’ve set up our clinic to help patients live healthy lives by actively managing any and all health conditions. We offer the full range of follow up services including Specialist Referrals, further investigations and treatment/management of conditions.

We are committed to helping patients take proper care of their health with the information we provide about their present health. Our healthcare professionals will give you a detailed health report detailing your results and what is suitable for you. We also motivate our patients to make the right decision to enhance their health.

You can choose from our wide range of screening tests and private health check-up packages for glucose level, liver function, bowel health, cholesterol, and anaemia. We are a leading partner in handling adult health issues.

If you are in Chelsea and need a trusted clinic for your health screening Chelsea, visit GP London or call us on 020 70434317 to book an appointment. 

Why choose us?
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