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Private GP Appointment and costs: Book an Appointment today

There has been greater demand for scheduled private GP appointment. NHS GPs do their best in consultation sessions but appointments can be restricted to 10 minutes. A private GP appointment provides access to medical support at short notice and as much time as you need.

This blogpost discusses the different ways to arrange for a private GP consultation, the cost and alternate options to access private GP consultations, for free.

How do you make a private GP appointment?

Private GP appointments are available in person throughout the UK or can take place virtually through an online consultation. It is not at all difficult to fix a private GP appointment. There are several factors to consider before you book an appointment. Some of these are:

  • Initial cost of the consultation session
  • Options to refer consultation notes to your NHS doctor for follow up
  • Whether a private prescription or referral will be charged separately
  • Location for scheduling an in-person appointment
  • Time needed for the consultation

Many private GP appointments are limited to people who are above 16 or 18 years old.

How are private GP appointments scheduled?

Any private GP you see is usually an NHS GP too. These consultations are usually done either over the phone, in-person or video call / face-to-face.

Face-to-face private GP appointments

In-person or face-to-face private GP appointments are needed in situations where a physical examination is required or when a patient feels better supported. Private GP health centres enable patients to choose between telephone, video call or face-to-face appointments, although some options might not be possible for patients who are restricted to personal devices.

Video / Virtual call private GP appointments

These private GP appointments require patients to have complete access to a device and that include selecting the right software and ability to use a microphone and video camera to engage with the doctor. Some conditions cannot be assessed with a video call as they need a physical examination but doctors may assess complaints that require visual examination, combined with a patient's account of their symptoms.

Private telephone GP appointments

A telephone call with the doctor can be sufficient for thorough evaluation of a medical complaint. It is usually an inexpensive way to access a consultation session with a private GP and a great place to begin if you do not know how to navigate the process. Most private GPs will allow you to know if they need to see you so you can be assured of getting the proper treatment.

What is the cost of a private GP appointment?

A private GP appointment may cost  anywhere between £40 and £200 for each consultation session. This will depend on the following:

  • Duration of the appointment – These appointments usually are from 15 minutes but you may choose a longer appointment if you are willing to pay more.
  • Specialist doctors – Our general practitioners may be restricted in their knowledge of specific medical problems. You can choose a doctor who specialises in your areas of concern, but this may cost more.
  • Location of the clinic - The location of your clinic can make your appointment more or less costly but do not assume all London clinics are expensive.
  • Self payment - The entire cost of a private GP consultation will be self-funded by you.

How to access private GP consultations for free

Below are some ways how you can get access to private GP consultations free of cost.

Free private medical prescriptions

The private GPs will be able to give a prescription for any medication needed, in most cases, although the cost of medication may have to be paid by you.

Referrals to specialist consultations

It is possible for private GPs to share information from the consultation with your NHS doctor. If you have a health insurance, the private GP may refer you but under other insurances, the private GP will probably make a referral. The private GP may ask you to have a blood test but this will be subject to the terms of the consultation session.

Can the private GP provide you with a sick note?

Some private GP consultations, but not all, will provide you with a sick note. For this, you need to check the terms and conditions of the GP you are seeing.

Make sure you ask about our private GP appointment cost in London and visit them for a consultation session.

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