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Full body MOT health check in Camden

GP London provides comprehensive body health check-ups to patients in Camden committed to  improving their health. You can check your overall health status with one of our body health MOTs.

Our health MOTs screen your entire body, including heart, kidney and liver health, risk of stroke, and general health markers, including cholesterol, protein, muscle mass and diabetes in men and women.

The MOT abbreviation stands for Measurements, Observations and Tests. A body MOT provides critical and detailed information regarding the inner workings of your body. Our doctors conduct all health screenings and provide full support and advice tailored to your age, gender, fitness level, lifestyle and diet. All patients benefit from a second review appointment with the doctor once all of the results are in, so that you can fully understand what they mean, what action you can take to improve your health and have a frank, detailed and in-depth discussion with your health screening doctor.

Our MOTs are carefully designed and regularly evaluated to meet the highest standards for patient care and value for your money. If our health MOT packages don't meet your need, you can contact us for a personalised health screening solution.

Please read on to see some of the options available:

Basic MOT

The basic MOT is a health screening suitable for healthy young people who want to understand the inner workings of their body more. Examples of patients seeking this type of screening include the following; you’re an active person looking to maintain their fitness into their thirties and on. Perhaps you’ve a stressful job and are looking to improve and tailor your health to ensure good performance moving forwards.

Paying attention to the general health markers is important. This screening also includes a full body analysis, a detailed blood panel and consultations and examinations by a doctor in person.

Undergoing this health screening every year is recommended for an ongoing review of your general health, providing a personalised medical summary, outlining recommendations and areas that need further testing or specialist care.

You can initially consult our private GP before your assessment to determine the right screening.

Basic MOT

Frequently asked questions

A full body MOT, also known as a health check-assessment are examinations and tests that provide an overview of your health condition and how well the body is functioning. You can perform a health assessment to improve your general health condition or for a specific health issue.

Our trained and experienced advisors and doctors carry out the full body MOT.

GP London provides a wide range of services at competitive rates. Our full-body MOT packages cost from £595 - £2499.

Each package contains some tests you may need, depending on your health condition.

The doctor will prepare a detailed medical report with information on your current health status and recommend lifestyle changes based on the findings to reduce your risk of future illnesses and enhance your general well-being.

A full body exam is an assessment of your body by a doctor. The exam includes your body systems like your heart, nervous, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems.

A health MOT helps you know if you have any health problem which may need immediate attention. Our doctors will handle your health needs and ensure you feel at ease with the result.

A full-body MOT is suitable for those who need a general health exam. You need a medical professional's advice if you have a specific health issue. The health MOT is recommended for people above 18 because younger people do not need tests since their body is still developing and because of the age factor.

Our healthcare experts have years of experience, and we provide valuable services to all our patients. Our services are personalised to suit each person's needs. Your health is our priority, and we always work to ensure you remain healthy.

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