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Private blood tests

Private blood tests in Camden

At GP London, we provide a wide range of private blood testing services to patients in Camden.  Blood samples are collected in person and hand couriered to UKAS registered laboratories within walking distance of our Harley Street clinic. This means that our patients get accurate, reliable results as soon as possible, without having to worry about sample degradation and delays in the post with home testing kits.

Many of our blood tests have a same-day turnaround time for those requiring urgent results. We also have GMC-registered doctors on hand to offer follow up consultations, treatment and referrals for those with abnormal or worrying results.

Our priority is maintaining the highest testing standard, and we do not compromise on cost or the standard of our service via home testing kits. If you want to book a test, you can contact our healthcare professionals to explain your needs and for information on available options before booking your appointment.

Private blood tests in Camden

Our private blood tests

We offer the following blood tests.

  • Haematology markers
  • Biochemistry markers
  • Cholesterol test
  • Full blood count (FBC)
  • Urine testing and urine culture
  • Blood type test
  • Liver function tests (LFT)
  • Pregnancy blood test
  • Blood iron level testing

Our comprehensive blood testing profiles

  • Hormonal blood tests
  • General wellness and body profile test
  • Nutritional blood test
  • Allergy tests
  • Pre-operative blood test
  • Sexual health testing
  • Pre-pregnancy and pregnancy blood tests
  • Immigration and occupational health blood screening
  • Lifestyle assessment screening

Please note, this list is not comprehensive, if you have special requirements, or a list of tests, simply email them to the clinic via our contact form or email address and our team will provide you with an itemised quote.

Do I need to book a specific time for blood testing?

Some blood tests require patients to fast, so we recommend contacting us to get information on whether this is a requirement. If you want to get same-day blood testing, you can visit our clinic or book an online appointment.

How does blood testing work?

  • When to arrange for your blood test

    We advise consulting a doctor immediately if you experience unusual symptoms such as body weakness, inflammation, fatigue, bleeding and high fever.

    Avoid self-diagnosis with information from Google or ordering self-request tests. Clinicians have undergone several years of medical training, not just to treat conditions, but to appropriately interpret and contextualise blood tests results into the wider health picture. This will ensure a much more accurate diagnosis, and avoid the stress and anxiety of misdiagnosed conditions.

  • Preparing for your blood test

    Ensure you eat before coming to the clinic and stay hydrated. Most tests do not require fasting, but if you’re unsure about fasting, consult with your doctor, especially before self-request blood testing.

When to arrange for your blood test
  • Blood sample collection

    When you come to the clinic for a booked appointment, one of our experienced nurses will draw your blood sample from your arm. The procedure is quick and painless, but ensure you inform us beforehand if you have a phobia for needles.

  • Getting the results

    You will get your blood test result via mail on the same day we receive the result from the laboratory.

  • Follow-up session

    If your test identifies any issue or you need help from our doctors, contact us to book a private GP appointment at £150 for advice and further treatment

Blood sample collection

Private blood test packages

We provide several blood test packages carefully selected by our experienced GP for your general health screening and to identify common health problems.



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Blood test results

After your blood test, you will likely be anxious to get your results. Patients who book online will get their results via email immediately after we receive them from the laboratory. 

If you choose a self-request test service, we will send the result to you without our doctor’s comment. However, if you’re under our doctor’s care or have a test as part of a package, you will have a review appointment to explain the results. The review will help you better understand your health and get a prescription and referral, if necessary, to facilitate your treatment.

Blood test results

Why choose us?

We are a respected private GP clinic in Camden, so rest assured of getting care from experienced doctors. With our services, you are sure that our qualified medical experts will be available to offer the necessary help regardless of the outcome of your result.

You can book and undergo your blood test at a convenient time. You also welcome feedback from our patients, which makes our services highly sought-after.

  • Professional advice from UK doctors
  • Years of experience
  • Same-day appointments and blood tests
  • A wide range of blood tests and other GP services

We take pride in our exceptional services and have built a strong reputation for quality healthcare in Camden.

You can call GP London today on 020 70434317 to book an appointment for your private blood tests in Camden.

Why choose us?
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